Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tags and Cards!

This month the Inspiration team is sharing different card and tag ideas. 

I am sharing a secret that I have! 

If I need a quick tag or card, I grab my Eileen Hull Cookie Box Die

Yes, that is right! 
This is the part I use. It is the top and bottom of the box. 

I cut two and one 1" x 2" to attach them together.
I also cut out some flowers from Eileen's Heart and Soul.

Add adhesive to each side of 1" x 2" and adhere to the two front and back of cards.

 Just like this!

Add flower and sentiment and you are done!

For tags, cut out, punch hole and add twine.

So easy and fast!

Two cards and two tags! Done, boom, bam!

Now you know my secret!


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