Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Stamped Canvas Heart & Treat Bag

Hello Friends!

I am here today bringing you a fun Stamped Canvas Heart, with a bonus gift bag! Both of these are super easy and very fast. The canvas hearts would be so cute hanging around the house in different sizes. You could hang it around a bottle of wine, how cute!

Supplies Needed:

You have all your supplies, let's start!

Step 1.

Using a piece of copy paper, print a heart out or draw your own.  Cut out inside of heart. This will be your stencil pattern.

Step 2.

Place stencil over fabric and stamp the open area using Flourish Wonder Stamp. 

Step 3.

Pin to hold and stitch around heart.

Step 4.

When you come close to the end, add a bit of stuffing. Don't over stuff. Finish stitching and tie off.

Step 5.

Trim off extra fabric leaving about 1/4" all the way around heart. Add flower and hanger. 

Bonus Treat Bags

Use a smaller heart stencil and stamp onto bag. Use a red marker to make stitch marks around heart.
Fill with candy or gift of choice!

Super cute, fun and fast!!!!

I hope you give one or the other a try!

For other fun projects using Ann Butler Designs products, follow Ann at Ann Butler Designs.

Thanks for stopping by!!!


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