Monday, April 1, 2019

Watercolor Hummingbird with Brea Reese Water Color

Hello friends!!!

Today I am pretty excited to share a happy little hummingbird. I do pretend to be a water colorist, so with that being said.....I am pretty happy with the way this came out!

What I am not happy about is......I didn't use good paper and that makes a big difference! Watercolor paper would have been the right choice, however I was playing and didn't think it would turn out. Lesson learned, use good paper even if playing.

Here is how I did this.



1. Sketch out bird and flower. No detail needed.

2. Start adding paint and dry in between, using a heat gun.

3. Using the Water-based markers I added in some color.

4. Over the top of it all I came back with the Metallic water color and for detail I used the detail markers. You can really see the metallic on this hummingbird. It is beautiful. You will notice it in the final picture around the throat and chest.


I hope you like him as much as I do! Remember not to make the mistake of not using good paper!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!


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