Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Brea Reese Watercolor Resist Panel

Hello Friends!

How is Spring in your neighborhood? Ours seems like it has finally arrived. MN has been cruel this year and it has taken some time to finally see some flowers and the leaves out on the trees. Oh and I can't forget about the beautiful sounds of the chirping birds.

Soon shall come the butterflies!

So what better way to wait for them than to sit down with my granddaughter and have a little crafting with the Brea Reese Watercolor Resist Panel which happens to have a butterfly on it!

First thing we did was gather all our supplies.


Brea Reese Watercolor Resist Panel
Brea Reese Glitter Inks  Orange, Pink, Medium Magenta

We removed resist panel from package.

Started to apply color, starting with Orange.

It already is gorgeous and my granddaughter was so proud of herself it gave her confidence in her art. Next she applied Pink and the the Medium Magenta.

So beautiful! She absolutely adores it!

Double win, happy granddaughter and fun crafting!

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