Friday, September 9, 2016

Gnome Home with Makin's Clay


Have you ever worked with air dry clay? 

No baking required to make this cute little home to display! Easy enough to do in steps, so that you don't get over whelmed.

This is made using Makin's Clay®. While I feel that I am still new to this clay, I have been working with it for a bit and I am trying new things. I wanted to do a bit more free hand sculpting and creating. So this is what I have come up with a cute little Gnome home.

Picture this....I started with a small cardboard box and a piece of driftwood I found. I started to work Makin's Clay® around the box and used the clay to extend what looks like part of the wood up onto the house.

I rolled little stones and added some brick to the house. And where would a Gnome home be without mushrooms? So of course I made 3! I loved making those mushrooms and you will be seeing more of them! I think with some cute little faces!!!

I made the door and window and then the roof. The roof is simply just rectangles layered. All is very simple if you just break it down into a shape.

This is what a package of  Makin's Clay® looks like. 

Here is the home before paint and before the mushrooms were attached or the moss added. If you look you see everything is just a shape added to another shape. House is a rectangle, stones are ovals. Bricks and roof rectangles. Super easy. 

Believe it or not I find it easier to sculpt than to draw!

Next I used Deco Art Americana paints and also some of the Deco Art Media acrylic paints to paint my home. I did use Deco Art Texture Sand Medium to make the home look like it had a stucco affect!

 To adhere the mushrooms I use Beacon Power-Tac adhesive, this is a very strong adhesive and I am really liking the strong bond. I used Beacon 3 in 1 Adhesive to adhere the moss onto the piece.

I hope you will give Makin's Clay® a try and find out how easy it is to use!

This is a artsy fartsy shot of the Gnome home. I think maybe a bit to much blur...What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by and I would love to know what you think!!!

Let's Live, Love and Art!


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