Sunday, September 4, 2016

Vintage Lunch Box featuring Graphic 45-ABC Primer

 Hi all.......

This is a project that I did a while back that never really had been given a photo shoot! I felt it was time to share this AWESOME project!

I received a vintage red lunchbox from a friend and it sat on the shelf until Graphic 45 debuted ABC Primer! It was vintage and it had red and it was perfect for this old metal red lunch box!

I knew I wanted to make this something you could display and have it be useful too!

I just didn't quite know what to do, I sat and stared at it for a bit and fiddled with some of my do dads. It hit a ton of bricks. I started to alter this very cool vintage red lunch box.

I added a handle on top and wheels (Tim Holtz pulley's) on the bottom. Now to start to build off of the foundation I just created. I started with the lid of the box and proceeded to the inside!

I wanted some of the worn vintage metal to show so I trimmed the paper so that you could still see the scratches and rusty goodness. I would love to hear all the stories this lunch box could tell. Did it belong to a girl or a boy? Maybe both, as they had to use a hand me down! 

 Oh boy did I have fun with the inside! I layered the papers to make it so inviting and vintage looking. I built a shelf to hold the scrapbook that was created to fit inside. On the left I added a strip of elastic so you could add report cards, drawings by just sticking them behind the elastic band. That way they are held in place and still looks great!

I love how the scrapbook fits right into the nook that was created for it! This would be adorable in a child's nursery/bedroom. Bonus small scrappy to tuck into the elastic band! Super cute to put the small school photos on K-12. Keepsake bonus!

Inside the scrapbook!

So many place to tuck and hide things. stitched paper. Oh the LOVE!

Vintage love!

 Just a fun photo to leave you with!

I sure hope you enjoy this redo of this great project and that it might have sparked a bit of creativity in that creative heart!

Let's Live, Love and Art!