Sunday, March 5, 2017

Makin's Clay® "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" Pin

Now that Valentines Day has come and gone, it is time for the Irish to get the dancing shoes and beer mugs out of the closet. I have made a sweet pin for all the Irish who want some free loving on that special day! If you are Irish or know someone who is, this is a pretty simple project to make. 

Supplies needed:

Makin's Clay®-Green
Makin's roller
Makin's mat
Makin's cutter - 4 leaf clover
Thread or ribbon for bow
Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive
White paint


1. Gather all materials

2. Roll out clay to about 1/8" and use cutter to cut out clover

3. Roll out four balls of clay and work them onto the clover.

4. Work the clay together as you add each piece.

5. Smooth clay together. Let dry overnight. Once dry, add a coat of white paint and wipe off. This step is optional.

6. Print out on heavy card stock "kiss me, I'm Irish"  and adhere it to the clover with Beacon 3-in1.

7. Adhere a pin to the back of piece and let dry. Adhere a bow onto clover.

Hope you enjoyed this cute pin! If you're Irish, Enjoy your day!


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